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        Banqiao reservoir urban water damaged the main water supply valve down

        Date:2015-04-10 15:32:51
        Luzhou, Sichuan Mo Erma downtown mall the night of 26 accidents occurred burn natural gas explosion, killing four dead 40 injured. Currently, the mall is still in ruins hypoxia, harmful gases produced by combustion also affect to investigate and collect evidence. Gas company responsible person, because the mall natural gas pipeline leak that night 10:00 Gas company officials replaced the new pipeline still leaks, construction workers want to close the valve, but found shut lax.
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        Weak resurgence of underground shopping malls
        Mo Erma mall periphery on the 28th, an explosion of Luzhou in Sichuan has implemented a closed combustion accidents, the road traffic returned to normal, the surrounding businesses have begun to resume business.
        Blue color steel protective wall after Mo Erma malls, and occasionally white smoke. Part 2 House floor collapsed beneath the arcades and platform, the platform there are many cracks in the ground, part of the junction uplift. 28 am, 1 floor underground shopping malls appear faint signs of resurgence, it was found the fire brigade and timely disposal.
        Mo Erma business for many years in the mall merchants Wangyong You introduced on the 27th at noon, local police and the authorities concerned are still cleaning up the scene malls, shopping malls state of alert, the specific loss remains to be verified, "after the explosion and fire by Mo Erma malls, basically It has been scrapped. "
        It is understood that after the incident Mo Erma has informed the staff leave the mall.
        Surrounding businesses operating in succession
        Yesterday, the incident resume two-way two-lane road in front of traffic, in addition to shopping malls and the Palace of Culture platform Mo Erma not enter the outer periphery of each intersection traffic control gradually canceled, the larger traffic.
        Closure due to an accident of the surrounding businesses have begun to resume business. But McDonald's and some shops Mo Erma mall across the street yet to restore power, a digital video store owner Lee a little worried, "because the line is attached to our shop opposite Mo Erma mall, there is no electricity, can not do business . "
        After the incident, the city gas company Huarun Xing Lu emergency stop gas for risk, as of the 28th of sections of the gas supply has been restored. "This morning no gas, but there is electricity and water, you can boil water for cooking and bathing will not affect life." People living in the vicinity of Ms. Zhang said.

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